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dl585 server g1
Proliant DL585 G1    
Disk Drives
HBAs / RAID Controllers
U320 Disk Drives
rightarrow 300GB 15K SCSI
rightarrow 300GB 10K SCSI
rightarrow 146GB 15K SCSI
rightarrow 146GB 10K SCSI
rightarrow 72.8GB 15K SCSI
rightarrow 72.8GB 10K SCSI
SAS Disk Drives
rightarrow 300GB 10K SFF



DL585 User Guide






Supports up to (4) AMD 2.6 Ghz Opteron 800 Dual Core Processors or 2.8 Ghz Single Core Processors.

Supports up to 32GB of memory when (4) Processors are installed with these guidelines:
  • Must install a minimum of 2 DIMMs in the processor memory board in slot 2
  • DIMMs on a processor memory board must be installed in pairs and in bank order
  • All DIMMs on a processor memory board must be of the same size (512 MB, 1 GB, or 2 GB)
  • Each processor memory board can have different amounts of memory, ex. Processor memory board 2 = (4) 1 GB, Processor memory board 1 = (2) 512 MB, Processor memory board 4 = no memory
  • PC2700 memory support requires -002 or greater processor boards
  • 333 MHz memory performance requires no more than 6 PC2700 DIMMs per processor board; any more will result in the memory slowing down to 266 MHz
  • PC3200 memory, running at 400 MHz will be supported on a PC3200-only processor board (012567-001) with 4 DIMM slots, resulting in a system max of 32 GB with 4 processors


Internal Storage

All DL585 servers ship with a Smart Array 5i Plus RAID controller. Some models ship with a SCSI backplane supporting up to (4) 300GB 10K U320 SCSI disk drives. Other models ship with a Small Form Factor (SFF) SAS backplane, supporting up to (8) 300GB 10K SAS disk modules.




Contact Information

Toll Free : 888-878-4167
International: 978-405-3159

Fax: 978-878-9492