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EVA 3000 M5314 Shelf
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The HP Enterprise Virtual Array 4100 / 6100 / 8100 are third generation EVAs, superceding the successful 4000 / 6000 / 8000 series. The x100 EVAs offered increased performance by allowing for 4Gb switch connectivity and cut through switing in the shelf I/O modules.

All three EVAs utilize the same M5314C Expansion Shelves and run the same XCS controller software. Disk drives are limited to 2Gbps operation. ***M5314C shelves should NOT be mixed with M5314B shelves***

EVA Model Controller Max M5314C Shelves Max Drives Max Drive Capacity
4000 HSV200-B 4 56 1TB FATA* or 600GB 15K FC**
6000 HSV200-B 8 112 1TB FATA* or 600GB 15K FC**
8000 HSV210-B 18*** 240** 1TB FATA* or 600GB 15K FC**
*Requires XCS 6.1 or later
**Requires XCS 6.2 or later
***Requires optional EVA utility cabinet. HSV210 controller pair is limited to supporting 240 drives (not 18 shelves x 14 drives per shelf, as expected.)

Four (4) disk drives, either size/type, are required per disk enclosure per system. A minimum of eight (8) disk drives are required per EVA4100/6100/8100.
- There is a minimum order requirement, with the first installation of FATA add-on drives on an EVA, a minimum of 8 FATA drives are required to create the new NearOnline disk group.
- XCS supports the 1TB FATA. It has virtual device mapping (addressable capacity) limits of 120/120/300TB (EVA4000 & EVA4100/EVA6000 & EVA6100/EV8000 & EVA8100 respectively) .
- Calculation of virtual device capacity includes all created virtual disks plus the mapped capacity of all snapshot, snapclone and mirrorclones on the array. The potential to reach the limits vary with the usage of the array. When installing a significant number of the 1TB FATA drives into an array contact iStorage Networks or your sales or service representative to discuss your configuration requirements.