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MSA 2040 1040 P2000 Storage from iStorage Networks
HP MSA Gen4 2040 / 1040 / P2000 Storage    
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Hewlett Packard's MSA Gen4 2040 Storage, MSA 1040 Storage, and MSA P2000 G3 Storage arrays feature the latest 16Gb/8Gb Fibre Channel, 12Gb/6Gb SAS, and 10GbE/1GbE iSCSI host connectivity models.

Large Form Factor (LFF) 3.5-inch drive bays and Small Form Factor (SFF) 2.5-inch drive bay options are available for for all MSA Storage Array Head and Disk Expansion models. All models support the mixing of SSDs, Enterprise SAS HDDs, and Midline SAS HDDs. The MSA 2040 Controller with firmware GL105 or later supports Self Encrypted Drives (SED).

HP MSA 3.5" LFF Storage Chassis Disk Enclosures and Drive Option Models

HP P2000 G3 2U 12 Drive Chassis

MSA P2000 G3 LFF (3.5-inch) 12 Disk Enclosures AP838A / AP843B / AP840B
MSA 1040 / 2040 G4 LFF Arrays and 2040 LFF Disk Enclosure D2600 / C8R18A


HP MSA 2.5" SFF Storage Chassis Disk Enclosures and Drive Option Models

HP P2000 G3 SFF 24 Drive Chassis

MSA P2000 G3 SFF (2.5-inch) 24 Drive Enclosure AP839B
MSA 2040 SFF (2.5-inch) Chassis C8R10A / C8R11A

HP D2700 MSA Enclosure
HP D2700 SFF (2.5-inch) 25 Drive Enclosure D2700 / AJ941A

Note: All drives within the MSA array must be SED to enable the encryption feature.

Contact us at 888-878-4167 if you need more information or integration assistance for your HP MSA Storage.

MSA Spare Parts
2.5" SFF 6G SAS Spare HDDs
rightarrow 730704-001
rightarrow 730703-001
rightarrow 730702-001
rightarrow 730708-001
rightarrow 730705-001
rightarrow 730709-001
rightarrow 730707-001
rightarrow 730706-001
2.5" SFF 12G SAS Spare HDDs
rightarrow 787642-001
rightarrow 787641-001
rightarrow 787640-001
3.5" LFF 6G SAS Spare HDDs
rightarrow E7W47A-CC
rightarrow 601777-001
rightarrow 601776-001
rightarrow 601775-001
3.5" LFF 12G SAS w/SFF HDDs
rightarrow 787656-001
rightarrow 787655-001
rightarrow 787654-001
3.5" LFF SAS MDL Spare HDDs
rightarrow 813866-001
rightarrow 787335-001
rightarrow 718302-001
rightarrow 757350-001
rightarrow 656102-001
rightarrow 605475-001
rightarrow 717872-001
rightarrow 605474-001
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