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The xSeries family has always offered powerful, highly expandable servers for use in small offices all the way up to data centers. IBM does not always document all the expansion options available for older servers, so be sure to contact us to see how we can extend the life of your existing server.




Contact Information

Toll Free : 888-878-4167
International: 978-405-3159

Fax: 978-878-9492




When ordering options for your xSeries server, note the Generation (usually designated with an M) or the feature code for your system. IBM uses the same x model numbers for multiple generations of servers. When ordering disk drives for servers purchased after 2005, pay special attention to SAS vs SCSI options (as well as LFF vs SFF choices) as IBM offered different back plane options for recently shipped systems.

Select By Generation:
xSeries M1 - M2 (Released around 2007)  
xSeries M3 (Released around 2010)
xSeries M4 (Released around 2012)


Select by Tower Server Model:
eServer x226 eServer x3200
eServer x235
eServer x236
eServer x255 (also rack mountable)
System X x3200 (M1, M2, M3)
System X x3300
System X x3400
System X x3500


Select by Rack & Blade Server Model
eServer 326 / 326m eServer xSeries X3350 Rack
eServer x335
eServer x336
eServer x343
eServer x345
eServer x346
System X x3100
System X x3250
System X x3350
System X x3530
System X x3550
System X x3620
System X x3650
System X x3755
HS20 Blade Server


External Disk Storage System Expansion
EXP400 EXP400 Expansion Array
EXP2512 / EXP2524
DS3000 / EXP3000
DS3512 / EXP3512
DS3524 / EXP3524
DS3950 / EXP395

Expansion arrays connect to external SCSI ServeRAID controllers for increasing server storage capacity. Expansion units for blade centers allow for more disk drives to be installed for each blade.



Check out this area for user guides, upgrade guides, and maintenance manuals for your particular server.