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IBM Storwize V7000 Disk Drives from iStorage Networks

IBM Storwize V7000 Gen1 HDD from iStorage Networks
IBM Storwize    
V7000 Gen1    
Models 2076-112, -124,    
-212, -224, -312, & 2076-324
w/ Expansion IBM-207x HDDs
IBM V7000 HDD Options
IBM TotalStorage
3.5"SAS & NL SAS
rightarrow 6TB 7.2K 12Gb NL SAS 4KB
rightarrow 4TB 7.2K 6Gb NL SAS 512B
rightarrow 3TB 7.2K 6Gb NL SAS 512B
rightarrow 2TB 7.2K 6Gb NL SAS 512B
2.5"SAS & NL SAS
rightarrow 1.8TB 10K SAS 4KB
rightarrow 1.2TB 10K SAS 512B
rightarrow 1TB 7.2K NL SAS 512B
rightarrow 900GB 10K 6Gb SAS
rightarrow 600GB 15K SAS 512B
rightarrow 600GB 10K SAS 512B
rightarrow 450GB 10K SAS 512B
rightarrow 300GB 15K SAS 512B
rightarrow 300GB 10K SAS 512B
rightarrow 146GB 15K SAS 512B
rightarrow 1600GB SAS SSD 512B
rightarrow 800GB SAS SSD 512B
rightarrow 400GB SAS SSD 512B
rightarrow 300GB SAS SSD 512B
rightarrow 200GB SAS SSD 512B
2076- Feature Codes
IBM TotalStorage
3.5" SAS & NL SAS
rightarrow 3305
rightarrow 3304
rightarrow 3303
rightarrow 3302
2.5" SAS & NL SAS
rightarrow 3544
rightarrow 3542
rightarrow 3271
rightarrow 3549
rightarrow 3509
rightarrow 3255
rightarrow 3546
rightarrow 3206
rightarrow 3204
rightarrow 3253
rightarrow 3543
rightarrow 3203
rightarrow 3251
rightarrow 3516
rightarrow 3514
rightarrow 3504
rightarrow 3512


IBM Storwize V7000 Gen1 supports RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 6, and 10, with scalable internal capacity of up to 240 TB physical storage. The IBM Storwize V7000 Control Enclosure comes packaged in a 2U rack-mountable enclosure with dual-active RAID controllers, accommodates up to twenty-four 2.5-inch disk drives or twelve 3.5-inch disk drives installed within the base 2U enclosure, and provides 8 Gbps FC ports for host or external storage connectivity, and 1 GbE for iSCSI host connectivity.

The IBM Storwize V7000 Expansion Enclosure is a high-capacity 24-drive bay (2.5-inch disk drives) or 12-drive bay (3.5-inch disk drives) unit packaged in a 2U rack-mountable enclosure.

12x 3.5-inch Enclosures: 2076-112, 2076-212, & 2076-312IBM V7000 Gen1 2076-112 Enclosure and HDD from iStorage Networks

Both the IBM Storwize V7000 Control Enclosure and IBM Storwize V7000 Expansion Enclosures can be mixed in any combination of the 24-bay or 12-bay models, and accommodate SAS, Nearline SAS, and SSD disk drives. The intermix of these disk drives is supported and provides added versatility.

24x2.5-inch Enclosures: 2076-124, 2076-224, & 2076-324IBM Storwize V7000 2076-124 Enclosure and HDDs from iStorage Networks

Important IBM Storwize V7000 Gen1 Notes:
- The IBM Storwize V7000 Gen1 expansion enclosures cannot be used with an IBM Storwize V7000 Gen2 control enclosure. The IBM Storwize V7000 Gen2 expansion enclosures can be used with an IBM Storwize V7000 Gen2 control enclosure only.

Disk Drives in the IBM Storwize V7000 Gen1 must have the appropiate Drive Vendor ID ( e.g. IBM-207x ) and the approriate Part Number displayed in the Vital Product Data (VPD) Drive Properties details in order to be supported. All of the IBM drives listed on this page meet these requirements for full support on the IBM Branded V7000.

Price and Availability:
In stock drives can be ordered by Capacity/Interface/Form-Factor or by the IBM 2076-xxx Feature Codes using the left sidebar. The corresponding IBM replacement Part CRUs / FRU's can be found and ordered in the right sidebar. In stock drives ship within twenty four (24) hours when ordered online. IBM V7000 Gen1 disk drives, not currently in stock, can be ordered and delivered within three business days.

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Storwize V7000
Implementing IBM V7000 Redbook
Storwize CRU's / FRU's
IBM TotalStorage
3.5" FRU Part Number
rightarrow 00RX918
rightarrow 00AR144
rightarrow 85Y6187
rightarrow 85Y5869
2.5" FRU Part Number
rightarrow 00RX915
rightarrow 85Y6156
rightarrow 85Y6186
rightarrow 00Y2684
rightarrow 00L4568
rightarrow 00Y2448
rightarrow 00Y2683
rightarrow 85Y5864
rightarrow 85Y5863
rightarrow 85Y6185
rightarrow 00Y2682
rightarrow 85Y5862
rightarrow 85Y6088
rightarrow 00RX920
rightarrow 00Y2445
rightarrow 00AR444
rightarrow 00Y2446
rightarrow 85Y6189
rightarrow 00L4617
rightarrow 85Y5861
rightarrow 00Y2447
rightarrow 85Y6188
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