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The DS4800 delivers up to double the IOP performance of the current DS4500 offering and is based on new sixth-generation architecture that provides 4 Gbps FC connectivity directly to host servers, SAN fabric, and disk drive expansion enclosures. The DS4800 supports attachment of up to 16 DS4000 storage expansion enclosures, resulting in the capability of up to 224 disk drives enabling storage configurations of up to over 67 TB of physical capacity.

The DS4800 ships standard with eight SFPs which can be used in any of the Host Ports or Expansion Ports. Up to eight additional SFPs can be ordered to add full support for all ports.You can preserve your investment in your DS4300 and DS4500 equipment by utilizing your older 2Gbps EXP710 enclosures, EXP100 SATA enclosures, or newer 4Gbps EXP810 enclosures.

Please note which enclosure you are using before ordering disk modules. EXP810 disk modules are not compatible with EXP710 expansion arrays. The reverse is also true.

Expansion Shelf Maximum # of Enclosures Drive Type
EXP700 16 Expansion Enclosures x 14 Drives per Enclosure EXP710_Drive_Tray
EXP810 and internal 16 Enclosures x 16 Drives per Enclosure exp810_drive_tray

The IBM EXP810 expansion unit with ESM firmware 9898 or higher is supported attaching to the DS4300, DS4500, DS4700, and DS4800 subsystems with controller firmware version 6.23.xx.xx and later. Version 9898 and higher is also required to support the intermix of EXP710 and EXP810 with EXP100 storage expansion enclosures behind the DS4300, DS4500, DS4700 and DS4800 storage subsystems with controller firmware version 6.23.xx.xx, 6.60.xx.xx and 7.xx.xx.xx and to support the intermixing of the Fibre Channel and SATA E- DDMs within the EXP810 drive expansion enclosure in any storage subsystem configuration.

Contact us if you need more information or integration assistance for your IBM DS4000 Series of products or EXPansion units.

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