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EVA 3000 M5314 Shelf
EVA 4000/6000/8000    
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The HP Enterprise Virtual Array 4000 / 6000 / 8000 are second generation EVAs, superceding the successful 3000 / 5000 models.

All three EVAs utilize the same M5314A (non-RoHS) and M5314B (RoHS) Expansion Shelves and run the same XCS controller software.

EVA Model Controller Max M5314A/B Shelves Max Drives Max Drive Capacity
4000 HSV200 4 56 1TB FATA or 600GB 15K FC*
6000 HSV200 8 112 1TB FATA or 600GB 15K FC*
8000 HSV210 18** 240** 1TB FATA or 600GB 15K FC*
*Requires XCS 6.2 or later
**Requires optional EVA utility cabinet. HSV210 controller pair is limited to supporting 240 drives (not 18 shelves x 14 drives per shelf, as expected.)