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MSA 2040 1040 P2000 Storage from iStorage Networks

HP SAS & SATA Hard Drives

ProLiant Gen5, Gen6, and Gen7
Direct Attached Storage JBODs
D2600 / D6000 / MDS600
D2700 / D2200sb


HP Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) for ProLiant Gen5, Proliant Gen6, Proliant Gen7, and select Smart Array Controller Direct Attached Storgae JBOD Enclosures deliver proven performance at popular capacities for many workloads ranging from small businesses to large enterprises. HP hard disk drives are optimized to deliver maximum performance on HP server platforms, and are proven for applications that demand reliable performance in 24x7 operational environments.

These HP HDDs are available for two types of workloads, Enterprise (ENT) and Midline (MDL) with SAS and SATA interfaces and a variety of capacity points and speeds. Drives listed on this page are used in ProLiant Gen5, Gen6, and Gen7 Servers, as well as, the below HP D2700, D2200sb, D2600, D6000, and MDS600 enclosures when attached to Smart Array Controllers/ Adapters.

HP D2700 6Gb SAS 2.5" SFF ProLiant Smart Array 25-Drive EnclosureHP D2700 MSA Enclosure

HP D2200sb 2.5" SFF ProLiant Smart Array 24-Drive EnclosureHP P2000 G3 SFF 24 Drive Chassis


HP D2600 6Gb SAS 3.5" LFF ProLiant Smart Array 12-Drive EnclosureHP P2000 G3 2U 12 Drive Chassis

HP MDS600 / D6000 3.5" LFF ProLiant Smart Array 35-Drive EnclosureHP MDS600 Smart Array Storage Enclosure from iStorage Networks

HP Storage Documents

HPE SAS HDD QuickSpecs

HP HDD Spare Parts
3.5" LFF SAS Hot Plug ENT
rightarrow 737574-001
rightarrow 517354-001
rightarrow 737572-001
rightarrow 517352-001
rightarrow 454274-001
rightarrow 737571-001
rightarrow 517350-001
rightarrow 416248-001
3.5" LFF SAS Hot Plug MDL
rightarrow 782995-001
rightarrow 693721-001
rightarrow 625140-001
rightarrow 508010-001
rightarrow 508011-001
rightarrow 461289-001
3.5" LFF SATA Hot Plug MDL
rightarrow 694534-001
rightarrow 628180-001
rightarrow 508040-001
rightarrow 454273-001
rightarrow 459319-001
2.5" SFF SAS Hot Plug ENT
rightarrow 785415-001
rightarrow 718291-001
rightarrow 785414-001
rightarrow 619463-001
rightarrow 785409-001
rightarrow 785413-001
rightarrow 581311-001
rightarrow 785408-001
rightarrow 581310-001
rightarrow 785407-001
rightarrow 627195-001
rightarrow 785412-001
rightarrow 618518-001
rightarrow 507284-001
rightarrow 512744-001
2.5" SFF SAS Hot Plug MDL
rightarrow 606020-001
rightarrow 508009-001
2.5" SFF SATA Hot Plug
rightarrow 626162-001
rightarrow 508035-001
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