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The HP Enterprise Virtual Array 3000 was the first entry level "EVA," a mid-range Fibre Channel SAN solution that superceded the EMA line of storage systems. The EVA 5000 offered larger storage capacity and host connectivity options while based on similar hardware and controller software.

An EVA 3000 usually consists of a dual-controller head (2x HSV100) running StorageWorks Virtual Controller Software (VCS) attached to 1-4 M5314A expansion arrays (also called shelves / drawers.) Each shelf can hold 14 drives.

An EVA 5000 consists of up to (8) HSV110 controllers. M5314A expansion arrays can be installed in the main cabinet and optional utility cabinet to support up to 240 disk modules.
(Note that the EVAs using only 2x controllers can support up to 240 drives. Models with 8 controllers support less drives due to space limitations in the cabinet.)

High speed fibre channel and low-cost FATA (Fibre-ATA Hybrid) drives can be mixed within the same shelf, but not the same RAID group. The highest capacity disks supported by the EVA 3000 / 5000 are 500GB "FATA" modules or 300GB 15K Fibre Channel modules.

VCS Version New Drives Supported
3.110 AG425A / AG425B: 300GB 15K RPM
4.007 400GB and 500GB FATA*
  *According to HP compatibility matrices, VCS 3.110 should support 400GB and 500GB FATA drives, though VCS 4.007 is the recommended minimum controller code for these drives.