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StorEdge 6020/6120/6320    
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The SUN StorEdge 6120 is a mid-range 2Gbps FC SAN solution. The 6120 is composed of "controller" trays with RAID controller modules and "expansion" trays which have a FC link control module in place of a RAID controller. Up to two controller trays may be used in a high-availability (HA) configuration. Each controller tray may have at most (2) expansion trays attached to it. Each controller tray and expansion tray can hold (14) 3.5" Dual-Port FC disk modules, for a total of 84 drives. 300GB 10K drives are the largest / fastest spindle speed drives supported in this SAN.

The StorEdge 6320 uses StorEdge 6020 Trays as additional storage attached to 6320 controller trays. Up to 45 TB of storage can be addressed when the the base cabinet and optional expansion cabinet are filled with 6020 / 6120 expansion trays (22 Maximum).

Each 6320 controller tray can attach to a maximum of (2) expansion trays. The 6320 manual states that you can configure controllers and expansion trays in the follow configurations when creating high-availability pairs:

2 Controller Trays and 0 Expansion Trays (2x2)
2 Controller Trays and 2 Expansion Trays (2x4)
2 Controller Trays and 4 Expansion Trays (2x6)

A minimum of (7) drives must be installed in any 6020/6120/6320 tray. All arrays are 3RU high and 18-inches deep.


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