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xSeries X236    
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rightarrow 300GB 10K U320 SCSI
rightarrow 146GB 15K U320 SCSI
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The IBM x236 (Type 8841) is a highly scalable stand-alone server. Up to (2) 3.8Ghz Intel Xeon CPUs with an 800MHz FSB (Front Side Bus) can be installed for symmetric multiprocessing (SMP). (8) memory slots allow for the installation of 16GB of PC3200 ECC Registered memory which must be installed in matching pairs of g [Note: You must be running a 64-Bit Operating System or 32-Bit OS with Physical Address Extension PAE support to address memory above the 4GB barrier.]

Drive Configuration Options:

The x236 ships with a default (6) Bay U320 Hot-Swap SCSI backplane. An optional (3) bay add-on backplane can be installed to support up to (9) 300GB 10K U320 disk modules.

Systems shipped with an integrated Adaptec 7902 SCSI controller which offers CPU based RAID 1 and RAID 0 support across the (9) disk bays. An optional ServeRAID upgrade will enable RAID 5 support (among other levels) and will off load RAID calculation from the CPU. External storage in an EXP400 expansion array can be used with the ServeRAID controller.







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