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We stock a large selection of disk drives and other common upgrade items for legacy and current generation Integrity Servers and Workstations, both Itanium and PA RISC based. Some support information for popular models can be found on this page, but please contact us for support and upgrades on other models.




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The HP 9000 series is a broad category of servers that HP developed rather than acquired over the past 25 years. HP 9000 series servers may use HP's PA-RISC processor or an Intel Itanium processor.

HP is currently moving users from the 9000 platform to the Integrity line of servers, though the bullet-proof design of these units will allow for many additional years of service with proper maintenance.

Support for recent 9000 (rp) series servers can be found on our website. If you need upgrade assistance with older A and K class servers, please feel free to contact us.

rp Series
rp2400 Series rp2400/2410/2430
rp3400 Series rp3410 rp3440
rp4000 Series rp4410 rp4440
rp5000 Series rp5405  
rp7000 Series rp7405 rp7420
rp8000 Series rp8420  


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