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Lenovo Storage S3200 S2200
LENOVO Storage S3200 & S2200    
Machine Type - 6411    
Disk Drives    
Drive Expansion
E1012 / E1024 / D1024
LENOVO-X S3200/S2200
Lenovo Storage
rightarrow 10000GB 7.2K SAS
rightarrow 8000GB 7.2K SAS
rightarrow 6000GB 7.2K SAS
rightarrow 4000GB 7.2K SAS
rightarrow 2000GB 7.2K SAS
rightarrow 900GB 10K SAS Hybrid
rightarrow 600GB 10K SAS Hybrid
rightarrow 1800GB 10K SAS
rightarrow 1200GB 10K SAS
rightarrow 1000GB 7.2K SAS
rightarrow 900GB 10K SAS
rightarrow 600GB 15K SAS
rightarrow 600GB 10K SAS
rightarrow 300GB 15K SAS
2.5" & 3.5" SSD & SED
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Lenovo Option PNs
Lenovo Storage
3.5" Option Part Number
rightarrow 01DC631
rightarrow 00WE790
rightarrow 00MM725
rightarrow 00MM730
rightarrow 00MM735
rightarrow 00WC035
rightarrow 00WC040
2.5" Option Part Number
rightarrow 00YG718
rightarrow 00MM690
rightarrow 00MM705
rightarrow 00MM695
rightarrow 00MM680
rightarrow 00MM700
rightarrow 00MM685


Lenovo Storage S3200 and S2200 support 2U24 and 2U12 enclosures. The 2U24 chassis, configured with twenty four (24) 2.5" small form factor (SFF) disks, is used as either a controller enclosure or expansion enclosure. The 2U12 chassis, configured with twelve (12) 3.5" large form factor (LFF) disks, is also used as either a controller enclosure or expansion enclosure. Supported expansion enclosures are used for adding storage. The E1012 12-drive enclosure is the LFF drive enclosure used for storage expansion. The E1024 24-drive enclosure is the SFF drive enclosures used for storage expansion. Enclosures support single or dual I/O modules, and can be equipped with either two redundant AC or two redundant DC power supply modules.

Lenovo S3200, S2200, E1024 and E1012 enclosures support LFF/SFF Midline SAS, LFF/SFF Enterprise SAS, and SFF SSD disks. They also support LFF/SFF Midline SAS and LFF/SFF Enterprise self-encrypting disks (SED) that work with the Full Disk Encryption (FDE) feature. For information about creating disk groups and adding spares using different disk drive types, see the Lenovo Storage Manager Guide.

Lenovo Storage S3200 S2200 E1024 Machine Type 6411 2.5 inch SFF Enclosures

Lenovo Storage S3200 S2200


Lenovo Storage S3200 S2200 E1012 Machine Type 6411 3.5 inch LFF Enclosures

Lenovo Storage E1012

All drives are dual-port and hot-swappable. All drives can be intermixed within the enclosure they are designed for. LFF and SFF expansion enclosures can be intermixed behind the SFF control enclosure.

Price and Availability:
In stock drives can be ordered by Capacity/Form-Factor or by the Lenovo Machine Type 6411 Option Part Numbers using the left sidebar. The corresponding Lenovo FRU can be found and ordered in the right sidebar. In stock drives ship within twenty four (24) hours when ordered online. Many Lenovo Storage S3200 and S2200 disk drives, not currently in stock, can be ordered and delivered within three business days.

Contact us if you need more information or integration assistance for your Lenovo Storage S3200 and S2200 Controllers or E1024 and E1012 Expansion units.

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S2200/S3200 MT 6411
Lenovo S2200 S3200 Storage
LFF 3.5" & Hybrid FRU
rightarrow 01DC633
rightarrow 00WE794
rightarrow 00MM727
rightarrow 00MM732
rightarrow 00MM737
rightarrow 00WC037
rightarrow 00WC042
SFF 2.5" FRU
rightarrow 00YG720
rightarrow 00MM692
rightarrow 00MM707
rightarrow 00MM697
rightarrow 00MM682
rightarrow 00MM702
rightarrow 00MM687
Lenovo Drive Feature Code
rightarrow AU7W
rightarrow AT47
rightarrow AT1Y
rightarrow AT1W
rightarrow AT1V
rightarrow AT1Z
rightarrow AT21
rightarrow ATSK
rightarrow AT1P
rightarrow AT1R
rightarrow AT1M
rightarrow AT1J
rightarrow AT1K
rightarrow AT1H
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