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FAStT200 Expansion Array    
Disk Drives
Power Supplies
Link Control Cards
SFPs & Optics
Disk Drives
rightarrow 300GB 10K FC
rightarrow 146GB 15K FC
rightarrow 146GB 10K FC
rightarrow 73GB 10K 1.6" FC
Drive Multi-Packs
rightarrow 4x 300GB 10K FC
rightarrow 4x 146GB 15K FC
rightarrow 4x 146GB 10K FC




The IBM FAStT200 is 1Gbps Fibre Channel storage server. The FAStT200 is offered in two basic configurations:

Standard Edition: Supports up to (2) EXP500 expansion enclosures (each with 10 drive bays) in addition to the (10) internal drive bays for an installation of (30) disk drives. Alternatively, (2) EXP700 enclosures may be used each offering (14) drive bays for the installation of (38) drives.

HA (High Availability) Edition: Has two (redundant) RAID controllers with transparent fail over support. The HA edition supports up to (66) disk modules when using the (10) internal drive bays and (4) fully populated EXP700 enclosures.) When using (5) EXP500 enclosures and the (10) internal drive bays, 60 drives can be installed.

The FAStT200 and EXP500 expansion arrays support low profile and half-height disk modules. The EXP700 expansion array only supports low-profile disk modules.

Low Profile Disk 1.6" (Half Height) Disk
LowProfile_Disk half_height_disk






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