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DS3524 from iStorage NetworksDS3512 from iStorage Networks
TotalStorage DS3500    
Models DS3524 & DS3512    
EXP3524 & EXP3512 Units
Disk Drives


IBM Option Numbers
IBM TotalStorage
DS3512 & EXP3512 3.5" SAS
rightarrow 49Y1866
rightarrow 49Y1861
rightarrow 49Y1856
DS3512 & EXP3512 3.5" SAS NL
rightarrow 49Y1876
rightarrow 49Y1871
rightarrow 00W1152
rightarrow 81Y9886
rightarrow 00Y5148
DS3524 & EXP3524 2.5"
rightarrow 81Y9915
rightarrow 00W1236
rightarrow 49Y2048
rightarrow 00W1160
rightarrow 81Y9891
rightarrow 49Y1836
rightarrow 00W1156
rightarrow 49Y1841
DS3524 & EXP3524 2.5" SAS NL
rightarrow 81Y9872
rightarrow 49Y1851

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The IBM System Storage DS3500 series storage subsystems support up to two redundant RAID controllers in either a 12 or 24 drive configuration. The models for the storage servers are DS3512 and DS3524. There are also two models of drive expansion chassis, a 12 LFF and a 24 SFF drive version, that can be attached to either of the storage subsystems. The models for these are EXP3512 and EXP3524.

An important difference between the DS3512 and the DS3524 product models and their equivalent expansion models are the hard disks that are supported with them. The difference starts with the physical drive size and extends to their speeds and storage capacities. The DS3512 and EXP3512 support 12 drives in the 3.5 inch format; the DS3524 and EXP3524 supports 24 drives in the 2.5 inch format. The disk drives are installed at the front, as shown in the below figures.

IBM Storage Manager v10.86 or greater, inconjuntion with Controller FW v7.86, is required to enable the HDD capable T10 PI funtionality.

DS3524 and EXP3524 (24x 2.5" Drives)IBM EXP3524

DS3512 and EXP3512 (12x 3.5" Drives)IBM DS3512

Drives Supported
DS3512 / EXP3512
DS3524 / EXP3524
300 GB, 450 GB, 600 GB
73 GB, 146 GB, 300 GB
600 GB
300 GB, 600 GB, 900 GB
300 GB
Nearline SAS 7.5KRPM
1 TB, 2 TB, 3TB, 4TB
500 GB, 1 TB
Maximum drives

Note: In the DS3500 family, you can add a mix of EXP3512 or EXP3524 expansion units to attain a maximum capacity of 190 TB per subsystem. New drive capacities are qualified during the life cycle of these products and may require a minimum controller revision.

Price and Availability:
In stock drives can be chosen by Capacity/Interface/Form-Factor or by the IBM Option Number using the left sidebar. The corresponding IBM Replacement Part CRUs / FRU's and Feature Codes can be found in the right sidebar. In stock drives ship the same day ordered. IBM disk drives not currently in stock can be ordered and delivered to you within three to five (3-5) days.

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DS3500 CRU's / FRU's
IBM TotalStorage
DS3512 & EXP3512 3.5" LFF CRU
rightarrow 49Y1870
rightarrow 49Y1865
rightarrow 49Y1860
rightarrow 49Y1880
rightarrow 90Y9000
rightarrow 49Y1875
rightarrow 81Y9878
rightarrow 00Y5147
DS3524 & EXP3524 2.5" SFF CRU
rightarrow 00W1240
rightarrow 81Y9893
rightarrow 49Y2052
rightarrow 90Y9001
rightarrow 81Y9913
rightarrow 49Y1840
rightarrow 49Y1845
rightarrow 81Y9875
rightarrow 49Y1855
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