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NetApp E-Series Storage    
E5660 E5624 E5612    
E2760 E2724 E2712    
E-Series Disk Shelves    
DE1600 / DE5600 / DE6600    

Price and Availabilty

In stock NetApp E-Series drives can be ordered by Capacity, Performance, Enclosure and Form-Factor (2.5" or 3.5") in the left sidebar. The corresponding NetApp Part Numbers can be found and ordered in the right sidebar. In stock drives ship within twenty four (24) hours when ordered online. Drives, not currently in stock, can be ordered and shipped within five business days. All disk drives have a One Year Warranty and are guaranteed to be NetApp Data Assurance (PI2) capable with E-Series SANtricity OS Controller and SANtricity Management Software.

Do you need a specific Vendor Product ID or Firmware Revision? iStorage Networks typically delivers drives with the latest qualified MS0x or NE0x Firmware Revision. Contact us if you require a specific Product ID, Firmware Revision, or if you need integration assistance for your NetApp E-Series Storage environment.

NetApp E-Series Storage Overview

The E2700 and the E5600 Series are SAN storage arrays with FC, iSCSI or SAS connectivity options, and both scale up from a capacity point of view by adding additional disk shelves. Enclosures include the 2U E5624 (DE5600) shelves with (24) 2.5" drives, 2U E5612 (DE1600) shelves with (12) 3.5" drives, and 4U E5660 (DE6600) shelves with (60) disks. 

NetApp DE5600 E5624 E2724 (24) 2.5" Drives

NetApp E5624 DE5600 Drives


NetApp DE1600 E5612 E2712 (12) 3.5" Drives

NetApp 5612 DE1600 Drives


NetApp DE6600 E5660 E2760 (60) 2.5" and 3.5" Drives

NetApp E5660 DE6600 Drives


Management and Software
The NetApp E-Series family uses SANtricity management software. Features include: Data Assurance, Dynamic Drive Rebalancing, RAID Management, Intelligent Cache Tiering, Data Replication, Dynamic Disk Pools, and Full-Disk Encryption (FDE).

The Veeam Availability Suite with the NetApp E-Series delivers key capabilities that deliver Availability for the Always-On Enterprise. Contact us if you need more information or integration assistance for your NetApp E-Series Storage environment.

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