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SUN J4500
SUN Storage J4500 (4500)    
SATA Disks    
Power Supplies    
J4500 Disk Options
SATA Disks - 1 Year Warranty
rightarrow 1TB 7.2K RPM
rightarrow 750GB 7.2K RPM
rightarrow 500GB 7.2K RPM
SATA FRUs - 1 Year Warranty
rightarrow 540-7507
rightarrow 541-3730
rightarrow 540-7244
rightarrow 541-3680
rightarrow 541-3050
rightarrow 541-3679
SATA HDD Part Numbers
rightarrow 390-0381
rightarrow 390-0479
rightarrow 390-0379
rightarrow 390-0383
rightarrow 390-0414 (F/W SU0F)
rightarrow 390-0479
rightarrow 390-0412 (F/W SU0F)
rightarrow 7067179
rightarrow 390-0413 (F/W SU0F)
rightarrow 7067178


SUN Storage J4500 Overview

The Sun Storage J4500 array is a JBOD (Just-a-Bunch-Of-Disks) enclosure that connects to x64 or SPARC architecture host servers through a supported SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) host bus adapter. The array normally comes fully loaded with 48 SATA hard disks supplying up to 48 terabytes of storage. It contains SAS expanders—switching circuits that can connect disks in complex patterns to all 48 SATA disks. The array supports SES (SCSI Enclosure Services) based management to identify components, read sensor data and log alerts. See the SUN J4500 System Overview and J4500 Service Manual for more detailed information.


- All 48 SATA hard disk drives must be present and the same size. The array enclosure drive bays must be fully populated. Do not mix drive capacities in the array enclosure; however you could, for example, have one J4500 populated with 750 GB SATA drives and a daisy-chained J4500 array with 1 TB SATA drives. The J4500 array does not support SAS drives.

- On 03/08/2013 SUN announced support for the mixing of Seagate and Hitachi drives of the same size within a J4500 system. See the Disk section of the Sun Storage J4500 Array Components List in the Oracle System Handbook for more information.

iStorage Networks stocks SUN J4500 disk drives. J4500 Chassis, Controllers, Power Supplies, and other Customer Replaceable Units (CRU/FRU) are available.

Contact us if you need quantity discount pricing, availability, or integration assistance for your SUN J4500.

SUN J4500

System Overview
Service Manual

IBM TotalStorage J4500 Options
Options - 1 Year Warranty
rightarrow XRA-ST1CH-1T7K
rightarrow XRA-ST1CH-750G7KZ
rightarrow XRB-ST1CH-500G7K
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