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SUN Fire V890 Front
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V890 Overview

The SUN Fire V890 was offered in two versions, the "2100" and "A53." The A53 version supported up to (8) UltraSPARC IV+ 1.8 GHz CPUs (2 per CPU Board) while the 2100 version supported up to (8) 2.1 GHz CPUs across (4) CPU Boards.

All V890s support up to 128GB of memory via (64) DIMM slots. (16) Banks of memory are available per CPU board, so all (4) CPU boards must be installed to support the 128GB maximum. Memory Type: PC133 ECC (Registered.)

(12) Fibre Channel Disk Modules can be installed in the front hot-swap bays when an optional (6) bay expansion backplane is installed.

300GB 10K & 15K Drive Upgrade for SUN Fire V890

Contact us to learn about trading in your low capacity SUN disk drives for 300GB units. We will help you determine if you are running the required HBA firmware revisions and Solaris Patch Releases to support 300GB disk drives in your V890. We can offer up to a $75 per drive credit for each drive you trade-in.



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