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The HP StorageWorks DS2100 and DS2110 are 4-disk desktop and rack mountable "mini" expansion arrays for HP Workstations and Servers running Windows and HP-UX. The enclosures have single Ultra160 SCSI chanels and can support 584 GB of external storage by using 4 high speed, highly reliable 146GB 10K disk drives.

The DS2120 was introduced in 2004 and also offers (4) expansion disk slots for attached servers and workstations. The DS2120 is qualified to support 300GB 10K and 300GB 15K U320 disk modules.

The DS2100 series arrays can attach to a long list of HP-UX and Windows compatible U320/160 HBAs and RAID controllers. The DS2100 enclosures can be "daisy" chained to attach up to 12 disk drives to a single Host Bus Adapter.


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