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IBM and Lenovo Storwize V3700 V2 IBM-A040 HDD
IBM Storwize    
V3500 & V3700    
IBM Storwize V3700 for Lenovo    
Machine Types: 2071 2072 6099
IBM-A040 Hard Disk Drives


IBM Options
IBM TotalStorage
3.5" Enterprise & NL SAS
rightarrow 00WC008
rightarrow 00MN522
rightarrow 00Y2475
rightarrow 00Y2473
rightarrow 00Y2471
rightarrow 00MN524
rightarrow 00AR113
rightarrow 00AR112
rightarrow 00MJ137
rightarrow 00MJ135
2.5" Enterprise & NL SAS
rightarrow 00WC011
rightarrow 00MN526
rightarrow 00Y2507
rightarrow 00Y2511
rightarrow 00Y2505
rightarrow 00MJ143
rightarrow 00Y2503
rightarrow 00Y2509
rightarrow 00Y2499
rightarrow 00Y2501
rightarrow 00Y2497
2.5" SAS SSD (V3700- CALL)
rightarrow 00WC014
rightarrow 00AR259
rightarrow 00Y2520
rightarrow 00Y2518
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The IBM Storwize V3500/V3700 Storage and IBM Storwize V3700 for LENOVO use IBM Spectrum Virtualize software for the block storage requirements of small and midsize organizations. The V3700 system I/O group consists of one 2U control enclosure and, optionally, up to nine 2U expansion enclosures that are connected via SAS cables. The control and expansion enclosures are available in the following factors and can be intermixed within an I/O group:

2071-02A, 2071-CU2, 2072-12C, 2072-12E and 6099-12E 12x 3.5-inch EnclosuresIBM Storwize 2072 and 2071 3.5

2071-10A, 2071-CU3, 2072-24C, 2072-24E, and 6099-24E 24x2.5-inch EnclosuresIBM Storwize 2072 and 2071 2.5

The IBM Storwize V3700 scales up to 120 x 3.5-inch (LFF) or 240 x 2.5-inch (SFF) or a combination of both drive form factors. SAS, NL-SAS and Solid-State Drives (SSDs) are the supported drive types. IBM Storwize V3700 provides host attachment through 6Gb or 12Gb SAS and 1 Gb iSCSI host interfaces with optional 8Gb or 16Gb Fibre Channel, 10Gb iSCSI/Fibre Channel over Ethernet host ports or 6Gb or 12Gb SAS 4-port host interface cards (HIC).

Important IBM Storwize V3700 Notes:
- The use of both IBM and Lenovo Branded components within the same Storwize configuration is not valid. Installing a Lenovo branded drive in an IBM branded enclosure and vise-versa is not supported.

Disk Drives in the In the IBM Storwize V3500 and V3700 family must have the appropiate Vendor ID ( e.g. IBM-A040 ) and the approriate Part Number displayed in the Vital Product Data (VPD) Drive Properties details in order to be supported. All of the IBM drives listed on this page meet these requirements for full support on the IBM Branded V3500 and V3700, as well as, the IBM V3700 for Lenovo.

- 12 Gb SAS drives offered on Storwize V3700 support up to a 12 Gb per second data transfer rate. These drives will operate up to only a 6 Gb per second data transfer rate when installed in a Storwize V3700.

- Licensed machine code level 7.4, or later, is required for:
8 TB 7,200 rpm 12 Gb SAS NL 3.5 Inch HDD
6 TB 7,200 rpm 12 Gb SAS NL 3.5 I nch HDD
1.8 TB 10,000 rpm 12 Gb SAS 3.5 Inch HDD
1.8 TB 10,000 rpm 12 Gb SAS 2.5 Inch HDD
2 TB 7,200 rpm 12 Gb SAS NL 2.5 Inch HDD
3.2 TB 12 Gb SAS 2.5 Inch Flash Drive

Price and Availability:
In stock drives can be ordered by Capacity/Interface/Form-Factor or by the IBM or Lenovo Option Part Number using the left sidebar. The corresponding IBM replacement Part CRUs / FRU's and Feature Codes can be found and ordered in the right sidebar. In stock drives ship within twenty four (24) hours when ordered online. IBM V3500 / V3700 disk drives not currently in stock can be ordered and delivered within three business days.

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Storwize CRU's / FRU's
IBM TotalStorage
3.5" FRU Part Number
rightarrow 00WK865
rightarrow 00RX931
rightarrow 00Y2426
rightarrow 00Y2425
rightarrow 00Y2424
rightarrow 00RY036
rightarrow 00AR137
rightarrow 00AR118
rightarrow 00AK375
rightarrow 00AR120
2.5" FRU Part Number
rightarrow 00WK792
rightarrow 00RX927
rightarrow 00Y2432
rightarrow 00Y2434
rightarrow 00Y2431
rightarrow 00AK374
rightarrow 00Y2430
rightarrow 00Y2433
rightarrow 00Y2428
rightarrow 00Y2429
rightarrow 00Y2427
rightarrow 00RX930
rightarrow 00AK367
rightarrow 00Y2513
rightarrow 00Y2413


IBM Feature Code
IBM TotalStorage
3.5" IBM Feature Code 2072-
rightarrow AT0T
rightarrow ASTJ
rightarrow ACKC
rightarrow ACKB
rightarrow ACKA
rightarrow ASTK
rightarrow ACKK
rightarrow ACKJ
rightarrow ACKT
rightarrow ACKS
2.5" IBM Feature Code 2072-
rightarrow ACLU AT0W
rightarrow ACLN
rightarrow ASTL
rightarrow ACLM
rightarrow ACLT
rightarrow ACLL
rightarrow ACLC
rightarrow ACLK
rightarrow ACLS
rightarrow ACLB
rightarrow ACLJ
rightarrow ACLA
SSD IBM Feature Code 2072-
rightarrow ACMG
rightarrow ACMC
rightarrow ACMB
rightarrow ACMA