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In 2007, IBM replaced older server models designated by "x" and 3 digits (such as the x346) with the "x" followed by 4 digits (such as the X3250). One of the most significant changes was the replacement of U320 SCSI storage with new SAS storage.

Unfortunately the generation of server can only be determined based off the 4x3 digit feature code located near the serial number on the server. An X3650 Type 7979-XXX is an "M1" server.

When ordering disk drives, please use the detailed pictures in our catalog to make sure the tray matches what is currently installed in your server. In most cases, M1 and M2 servers share the same tray and newer M3 and M4 servers share an updated tray though there are corner case scenarios where this does not hold true.

If you need additional configuration, ordering, or integration assistance, please call 888-878-4167 or submit a Quotation with any additional questions.




IBM xSeries Support
IBM M1 and M2 series servers are no longer orderable through IBM. Contact us if you need upgrades or custom built servers from our inventory of spare parts.