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iStorage Networks Warranty Advantage

At iStorage Networks, we know that your company's most critical assets are stored on the disk drives we ship. It is our goal to win your business by making you feel confident that our hard drives are worthy of storing your data.

We don't want you to feel as if our 1-Year Warranty is a feature we hope you purchase and forget about.

All iStorage Networks Disk Drives come with a 1-Year Advanced Exchange Warranty with the features below:

Online Warranty Tracking

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You can check the warranty expiration date of any of our disk drives online, and then fill out a replacement request form. You will never have to talk to a support representative to get a replacement drive that fails due to excessive grown defects and out-of-spec SMART parameters.
Warranty ID Stickers


We supply warranty stickers that you can apply to disk drives during installation. The warranty stickers provide the iStorage Advantage Warranty Hotline and Service Expiration Date:


Resellers: We do not apply these stickers to drives, so you can discard them to preserve your direct customer relationship. Warranty is NOT VOIDED if you chose to discard the stickers.

New or Exensively Tested Products
All disk drives that we ship are either new (if still in production) or recertified to the manufacture's original specifications (if out of production.) Recertified drives are verified to:

  • Have 0 Grown Defects in the G-List
  • SMART Parameters within OEM Spec
  • Pass at least 3 hours of random read/write/verify testing without throwing any 01 (Recoverable) or 03 (unrecoverable) Sense Keys.
Advanced Exchange Service
When drive failures occur, iStorage Networks ships replacement drives before requiring the return of the old units. This saves time, money, and aggravation of finding suitable return packaging as our shipping containers are designed to be re-used.




Certified Engineers

Please contact us if you have any product installation or compatibility questions. We don't have "sales representatives;" we have engineers that know how to implement the correct storage solution for your business.

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EMC Expert

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