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FRU E-X4070A-R6

NetApp FRU E-X4070A-R6 Disk Drive

Price: $180.00

NetApp FRU E-X4070A-R6 with tray in sealed bag   NetApp FRU E-X4070A-R6 Box Packaging
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NetApp E-Series 1.8TB 10K rpm 12Gb SAS 2.5 inch SFF PI2 Data Assurance capable Non-FDE Hard Disk Drive FRU E-X4070A-R6 for use in NetApp DE5600 / E5624 / E2724 Controller and Expansion enclosures.

1-Year Advanced Exchange Warranty.

Contact our Technical Support team if you need assistance in ordering or integrating this FRU E-X4070A-R6 into your existing NetApp Storage environment.

Learn more about how vendors advertising E-X4070A-R6 drives as new bulk or new pulls are NOT REPUTABLE. Products advertised as new bulk or new pulls are not actually new and usually come with a 90-Day or less warranty. Bulk E-X4070A-R6 units usually have thousands of POH (Power-On-Hours) recorded in the log pages and outdated firmware revisions.

1-Year Advanced Exchange Warranty.iStorage Networks will ship a replacement drive before requiring the return of the old unit.

Learn more about our 855-RMA-DISK Service or submit an automated replacement request for a failed E-X4070A-R6.

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Westford, MA

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