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Seagate Barracuda ES



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SEAGATE MODEL ST3750640NS Disk Drive

Price: $135.00

SEAGATE MODEL ST3750640NS with tray in sealed bag   SEAGATE MODEL ST3750640NS Box Packaging
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Seagate ST3750640NS Barracuda ES 750GB 7200 RPM 3Gbps SATA Disk Drive. Drive includes latest Firmware Update that addresses performance issues and SMART monitoring. Can be used to replace ST3750640AS (consumer grade), but an AS should not replace ST3750640NS units in servers or SANs!
ST3750640NS Manual
Learn More about OEM vs. Retail Seagate ST3750640NS drives and how to choose the proper version for your system.
Learn More about known issues and faiure points specific to ST3750640NS drives.
Learn more about how vendors advertising ST3750640NS drives as new bulk or new pulls are NOT REPUTABLE. Products advertised as new bulk or new pulls are not actually new and usually come with a 90-Day or less warranty. Bulk ST3750640NS units usually have thousands of POH (Power-On-Hours) recorded in the log pages and outdated firmware revisions.

1-Year Advanced Exchange Warranty.iStorage Networks will ship a replacement drive before requiring the return of the old unit.

Learn more about our 855-RMA-DISK Service or submit an automated replacement request for a failed ST3750640NS.

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Westford, MA

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